$50 off your first PM service.

$50 off your first PM service.

  • 24/7 Road Side Assistance

24/7 Road Side Assistance

Welcome to Onsite Fleet Repairs We come to you! We are fleet managers' friend and partner!

Onsite Fleet Repairs partners with fleet managers. We can service fleet vehicles at any location and help you get back on the road as soon as possible.From head gasket to tailpipe, we’ve got you covered! We use the latest diagnostic technology to provide high-quality services and quick turnaround. We offer many preventative maintenance options. It is a convenient way to keep your trucks and vehicles healthy on the road. Our priority is customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Us

  • White glove customer service

  • Trustworthiness

  • Reliability

  • Quick turnaround and convenient scheduling

  • Undeniably competitive pricing

  •  24/7 emergency road service

  • Located in the heart of the city


Onsite Fleet Repairs is in the business to partner with fleet managers. We perform onsite maintenance. Our goal is to keep you on the road with a relaxed state of mind, reduce downtime, and keep our partners happy.

We Offer

  • Truck and trailer repairs

  • Heavy equipment repairs

  • Gates hydraulic specialist ​

  • Clutch and transmission

  • Battery installation

  • Filter replacement

  • Check engine light service

  • Engine flush and fill service

  • Drive belt replacement

  • Fan belt inspection or replacement

  • Serpentine belt

  • Inspection or replacement

  • Brake fluid change

  • Differential fluid change

  • Power steering fluid change

  • Transmission fluid & filter

  • Timing belt inspection or replacement

  • Heater hose inspection or replacement

  • Radiator hose inspection or replacement

  • AC & heating system

  • Brake services

  • Diagnosis and evaluation services

  • Axle seal/ cv joint repair (FWD)

  • Spring repair/replacement

  •  Radiator repair/replacement

  • Automatic transmission repair

  • Manual transmission repair

  • Clutch repair service

  • Four-wheel drive systems

  • Electric & hydraulic repairs

  • Welding/fabrication

  • Trailer repairs

  • Alternators

  • Shocks

  • Fan motors

  • Water pumps

  • Fuel pumps

  •  Air & fuel filters

  • Power steering

Onsite Fleet Repairs

We Assure

  • To always provide value and outstanding service, regardless of repair size or difficulty.

  •  We do it right the first time

  • Your money is not part of our mission

At Onsite Fleet Repairs, we genuinely care for your vehicle. With the right care, the life of any car or truck increases. We bring advanced techniques and cutting-edge diagnostics to our work every time.

Onsite Fleet Repairs
Onsite Fleet Repairs
Onsite Fleet Repairs
Onsite Fleet Repairs
Onsite Fleet Repairs
Onsite Fleet Repairs

We are open for partnership as well.

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